Login FAQ

1."Maximum number of concurrent users of your account has been reached. Please try again later!" always pops up below the login interface, but I have never shared the account with others.
This occurs because the user closed the browser directly after use and thus his information is saved in the website cache. It can be avoided by clicking Exit.

2.I am an institutional user. "Your IP does not fall within the registration scope" pops up during login attempts.
Please check whether the IP you offered is internal or external. We can only obtain and identify the external IP. If it is an external IP, the message means that your IP has not been submitted for registration in our company. Please submit an application to the principal of your school, who will contact us to grant your permission.

3.After installing the certificate, I received a message that the verification failed.

The reasons for the certificate verification failure may include:

  • You did not offer any certificate.
  • Your certificate is not granted by an authoritative institution.
  • Your certificate has expired.
  • The serial number of your certificate is invalid.
  • For other reasons, please contact network administrator.

In this case, please click the “Tools” from the browser's menu bar:

Then click "Clear SSL State".

If you have any questions about CSMAR,please feel free to contact us by sending us an email at gtacsmar@gtafe.com.